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Houseboat Hire SA

Murray River Houseboat Hire Information



If you've never been houseboating or on a houseboat holiday, then you are missing out on one of life's greatest relaxing on water holidays. House boats and River Cruisers ply the River Murray all year around and many people think that Winter is the best time to go. This is when the river is at it's calmest windwise and less people  tend to head up the river water skiing or wake boarding. So it can make for an unforgettable houseboat experience.

It's also a great time of year to see birdlife and various native wildlife along the banks of the Murray.


Houseboat rentals or hire boats for hire, can be boarded at most of the River Towns from Murray Bridge in South Australia to Echuca in Victoria. Murray River Houseboats are like floating homes. From the simple floating shack, right through to two storey luxury houseboats complete with spa, dishwasher and large TV screen options.


Some people choose to indulge in a river boat hire at the same time and maybe tow a ski boat behind their houseboat.  Others may choose a floating houseboat party, maybe for a bucks show, footy trip or weekend away with the girls! Some people put in their top ten list of places to get married!


Another great thing about houseboating on the Murray, is that the cost of the trip can be spread amongst all the travellers, and the per head cost can often be quite low.


Often a person considering buying a houseboat for sale will hire a boat several times first, which allows them to test out the reality of a floating home. At certain times of the year, towns along the river murray will use houseboats as riverbank accommodation for events such as the Southern 80, Pedal Prix or various high speed ski races.


Peter Sommers and his crew run oz houseboats (short for Australian Houseboats) and operate houseboats from Long Island Marina Murray Bridge in South Australia, less than an hour from Adelaide.


To see more information about houseboat hire terms and conditions, please click here


So if you are looking for a SA Holiday option, consider a houseboat vacation or houseboat rental!

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